How Do Appearances With The Mind Arise? 相如何由心生?


[The] Buddhas, due to them [being] without greedy desires, thus [are able to have the] response [of having] these many treasures’ adornment [of their Pure Lands, to] all manifest, [with the] excellent state of not needing manpower [to] manage [them].


How can [this be] with Sahā World’s ordinary beings’ state [be] compared [as they have many greedy desires and lack meritorious virtues]?


For example, [on] people of benevolence with virtues, [their] mind grounds [and] conduct, [are] all [with] upright [and] great bright light. Thus, their appearances, also appear [with] forms of benevolent brilliance. [Even] those admittedly without [the] mind [to] seek goodness of appearance [and] complexion, naturally will [look] good [then]. [Note: ‘正大光明’ also means ‘just and honourable’.]


Of people [who] create [negative] karma, [with] their mind grounds [with] filthiness, [despicability, pettiness], defilements [and] fiendishness, their faces also accordingly [are] of darkness [and] fiendishness.


[Even if there are] those [who] admittedly only desire [for] goodness of complexion, [to] enable people [to see] themselves as with upright [and] great bright light of good people, yet [with their] mind grounds not good, even if seeking [so], also cannot attain [it].


This [is] restricted [to] that [which] ordinary beings’ eyes see.


If ghost [and] gods thus see good persons’ bodies, [they will] have bright light, [with the] magnitude of bright light, according [to the] magnitude of their virtues.


Seeing evil persons thus, [their] bodies [will] have darkness, demonic [and] other forms, [with the] magnitude of their forms, also according [to the] magnitude of [their] evil then appearing.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
Reply Letter To Two Laypersons Yú Huìyù [And] Chén Huìchǎng

Namo Amituofo : Translation and note by Shen Shi’an

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