How Often Should Guidance, Repentance & Merits For The Dying Be Offered?

Question: Knowing the right sequence is to have words of guidance, before chanting repentance, having support-chanting with Amituofo’s name and dedication of merits (GRAM), how often should we offer words of guidance to the dying and deceased, when doing support-chanting for them?

Answer: Words of guidance should be offered first, before support-chanting begins. When the dying person still seems rather distracted from being mindful of Amituofo’s name after some time, words of guidance should be repeated, and even rephrased for greater receptiveness, to address raised or possible concerns.

For the conscious with prolonged dying, it is good to repeat brief words of guidance every three to four hours, to remind of the attitude and practice to have. However, the dying might need natural sleep for rest too. For the just unconscious and just deceased, it is good to repeat brief words of guidance hourly.

Question: How often should we chant the Verse For Repentance to the dying when doing support-chanting?

Answer: When the dying person seems rather disturbed, repentance can be chanted on his or her behalf, to offer peace of mind, right after offering the words of guidance above, before continuing with support-chanting. However, as the words might be technical to those unfamiliar, they should be simplified in language for understanding.

Question: How often should we dedicate merits to the dying when doing support-chanting?

Answer: At the end of each individual’s shift session, there can be dedication. However, it should be done silently, or elsewhere aloud, so as to not disturb the ongoing support-chanting. The truth is, as the support-chanting is directly for the dying person, every single chant is directly dedicated to him or her already. The formal dedication is however still helpful, for a proper sense of conclusion for each session.

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