[14] Record Of Zhāng Shànhé’s Rebirth 张善和往生记

Táng · Zhāng Shànhé


Also from the Tāng Dynasty, Zhāng Shànhé, was with killing of cows as his livelihood.


When approaching the end of life, he saw tens of cows, making a human voice saying, ‘You killed us!’


He told his wife [in great fear], ‘Quickly invite a monastic to [come save me by being] mindful of Buddha [by reciting Āmítuófó’s name] for me.’


After the monastic arrived, he told him, ‘A Buddhist sūtra [i.e. Sixteen Contemplations’ Sūtra《十六观经》] said, if there are sentient beings who have created karma that is not good, [when approaching life’s end] should fall into the evil realms [with hell’s forms appearing], those able to, with the utmost sincere mind, complete ten [thoughts] of mindfulness of [Námó] Āmítuófó [南无阿弥陀佛], this thus will be able to eradicate eighty koṭis of kalpas of transgressions of birth and death [with each moment of mindfulness], to immediately attain rebirth in the Land Of Ultimate Bliss.’ [Bold text details from Lóngshū’s Pure Land Text《龙舒净土文》]


Zhāng Shànhé said, ‘Hell is coming soon. There is not enough time to bring the censer [for offering incense]!’


Saying so, immediately with his left hand lighting fire, and his right hand burning incense, towards the West, he loudly recited Āmítuófó’s name.

还念不到十声,张善和急速地说:‘佛来了!已给我莲华宝座。’ 才一说完就往生了。(佛祖统纪)

Yet to recite up to ten times, he hurriedly said, ‘Āmítuófó has come! He has already given me my treasure lotus seat.’ Right after finishing saying of this, he departed to be reborn in Āmítuófó’s Pure Land. (Chronicles Of Buddhas And Patriarchs)

Record [Of] Pure Land Sages: Eighth [Section On] Miscellaneous Rebirths
Compiled by Péng Xīsù

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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