Chán & Pure Land’s Dual Cultivation In The Perfect Penetration Via Mindfulness Of Buddha 念佛圆通章之禅净双修


Question: Is the ‘dual cultivation of Chán and Pure Land‘ included in the ‘Section On Great Power Arrived Bodhisattva’s Perfect Penetration With Mindfulness Of Buddha’?

法要在章中这八字里:「都摄六根,[以念佛] 净念相继」。(唯有此种禅修有他力;与禅宗唯有自力的修法不同。)

Answer: This cultivation method’s essence in the section is within these words – ‘gather the six [sense] roots, with pure mindfulness [of Buddha] in continual succession‘. (Only this kind of Chán cultivation has Other-power; unlike the Chán tradition’s solely Self-powered cultivation methods.)


The fundamental essence of Chán cultivation is in the two methods of stilling and seeing.

「都摄六根」的方法,是以包含信愿的至心,一心只生起清净佛号为「净念」。以此修持「一境性心所」(Ekāgratā: single-pointedness), 以佛号一念制止一切杂念。这就是修止 (Śamatha: stilling) 的妙法。

The method to ‘gather the six roots’, is to use the sincere mind with Faith and Aspiration, to wholeheartedly only give rise to the pure thought of Buddha’s name as ‘pure mindfulness’. With this cultivating single-pointedness, with this one thought of Buddha’s name, putting a stop to all stray thoughts. This is the wonderful method to cultivate stilling.

「净念相继」的方法,是使所生的「净念」,念念「相继」,以同样包含信愿的至心,念念清楚观听。这就是修观 (Vipaśyanā: clear-‘seeing’) 的妙法。

The method to have ‘pure mindfulness in continual succession’, is to enable the ‘pure mindfulness’ arisen, from thought to thought, to be with ‘continual succession’, with the same sincere mind with Faith and Aspiration, from thought to thought clearly heard. This is the wonderful method to cultivate ‘seeing’.


With the sincere mind with Faith and Aspiration, mindful of Buddha’s name and hearing Buddha’s name, this is the fundamental essence of Pure Land cultivation, the wonderful method for accumulating the Three Provisions of Faith, Aspiration and Practice for rebirth in his Pure Land.

「都摄六根」,无根向外攀,「净念相继」,不续不净念,即是同时「禅净双修」。佛陀所以在《大集经》说,「若人但念阿弥陀[佛],是名无上深妙禅[修]」。 以上是其中的深妙因缘。

‘Gather[ing] all six roots’, with no root to the external reaching, and ‘with pure mindfulness in continual succession’, not continuing with thoughts that are not pure, this is to, at the same time, have ‘dual cultivation of Chán and Pure Land’. As the Buddha taught in the ‘Sūtra Of The Great Assembly’, ‘If [a] person [is] only mindful [of] Āmítuó[fó, this] is named [as the] unsurpassable, profound [and] wonderful Chán [meditation].‘ The above are some profound and wonderful reasons why.

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