FAQs On The Pure Land Passport

Question: Why is it called so?

Answer: As stated in the book’s first section at, ‘As a skilful means to spur interest, this handy book is titled “The Pure Land Passport” – not because it is really required for entry into Pure Land’. Hopefully, interest in the book will lead to interest in more sincere learning and practice of the Pure Land teachings.

Question: Where can I get it free?

Answer: As above, it can be read free fully online. Since 2015, it has also been been distributed free at Singapore Buddhist Lodge, Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, Poh Ming Tse Temple, The Buddhist Union Dharma Centre, Ean Keng Si Temple and Than Hsiang Temple during relevant classes and occasions: You can also look out for future distribution announcements here.

Question: Why is it also sold?

Answer: Researching, translating, editing, writing, designing, printing, storing, posting (for local and overseas readers who cannot pick it up in person) and transporting of books require much time, effort and cost. Yet, the book as above, is also available free in hard copy during relevant classes and occasions when funding is adequate. This is while the free soft copy is already online since 2015. Hard copy is for those who prefer it. In fact, all are encouraged to go green to read it online, which is why it was put online in the first place, also to reach out to more widely. More about the book can be seen at

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