[47] Amituofo’s Rescue From The Sea Of Samsara


Hi Teacher, Amituofo (阿弥陀佛). I had a nightmare this afternoon, which I thought to share with you, to ask for your thoughts.

In the dream, I was at an Internet cafe. As I was dozing off while using the computer, I decided to leave, to go elsewhere to rest. After payment, I was loitering in a half-dazed state, looking for the exit. When I turned towards it, I saw a massive cruise ship coming in my direction.

Apparently, the cafe was on a beach with a clear view of the sea. The ship was charging towards us at high speed, as if being swept in by a tsunami. I thought I was going to die, for how could I run faster than a tsunami that could sweep in a ship so quickly? The people around me started running away from the sea. So did I. But within a split second, I was already submerged in water. I thought I would drown very soon.

Just then, I heard chanting of the name of ‘Amituofo’ (Amitabha Buddha), which urged me to chant too. In the next moment, the great fear transformed to be bliss. There was no fear of being unable to breathe, or feeling of being submerged. Then, I felt water sprinkling on my face, which felt very comforting. I then woke up.

I realised that I had left chanting of ‘Amituofo’ turned on, while I dozed off. Could Amituofo have helped me out of this very vivid nightmare? Also, is there a possibility that he ‘created’ this nightmare because the causes and conditions were right, so that I would gain confidence in him? Amituofo, Vee (name changed for privacy)


Below is what the dream might mean…

Cafe: Represents confused and drowsy state of real-life
Sea: Represents sea of suffering
Tsunami: Represents how ‘death’ can be sudden
Being Swept Away: Represents how ‘death’ cannot be outrun

It is hard to tell for certain, if the [1] real-life playing of Amituofo’s name urged you to hear and chant his name in the dream, or that [2] Amituofo (or a Bodhisattva or a protector god) helped you to hear his name, to urge you to chant along.

However, as the playing of his name was on in real-life throughout the dream, it is likelier that case [2] is true, since hearing of the name was at the most crucial moment. This would be a case of receiving unseen support-chanting (助念) for emergency rescue. It can also be regarded as the auspicious sign of ‘heavenly music filling the sky’ (天乐盈空).

Having fallen asleep with his name on could merely mean that his name is already very much a part of your everyday life, speaking of your affinity with Amituofo. In either possibility of case [1] or [2] above, it is definitely such that you had created enough affinity to be reminded, to be mindful of Amituofo – which is of course very good.

Here is a related non-dream testimonial (i.e. in wakeful moments), of how it is possible to hear the name of a Buddha (or Bodhisattva) first, which reminds the listener to be mindful accordingly: https://purelanders.com/2017/05/20/guanyin-bodhisattvas-wake-up-call

Experience of the swift transformation of fear to bliss is also an auspicious sign. As yet another auspicious sign, the sprinkling could be Guanyin Bodhisattva (洒水观音/菩萨) also being unseen yet present, to offer compassionate blessings via her ambrosia (甘露). Due to different kinds and extents of affinities, auspicious signs can be experienced with some variance by different practitioners.

It does not really matter if the dream was [A] skilfully ‘created’ by Amituofo to further strengthen your Faith, or just [B] your karma manifesting naturally, with your mind responding, or even a mix of both [A] and [B]. What mainly matters is your takeaway inspiration, that fortifies your Faith in the power of mindfulness of Amituofo (Nianfo; 念佛) for speedy response, especially when with utmost sincerity.

The realness of the unexpected experience confirmed the realness of your response. The consistency of the effects of utmost sincere Nianfo with countless similar cases also confirm the realness of Amituofo’s response. May I congratulate you, for having passed a ‘test’ of your Faith, for you did Nianfo swiftly, and in time, with readiness to connect to Amituofo. However, as it was with some prompting, do remember to continue sincere, diligent and regular Nianfo practice – to be even more ready! Amituofo.

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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