[60] How To Transform The Five Defilements To Five Purities With Niànfó? 如何以念佛转五浊成五清?



Verse For Bathing Buddhas

As I now bathe all Thus Come Ones,
may pure wisdom adorn the ocean of meritorious virtues.
May sentient beings with the Five Defilements depart
from the dusts (of afflictions),

and together realise the Tathāgatas’ pure Dharma body.



That Kalpa’s Defilement, [is] when defiled dharmas [i.e. phenemona of mind and matter, such as the below] gather.


Within Kalpa’s Defilement, [if] not [using the Pure Land] Practice of bringing [negative] karma [to] horizontally exit [the three realms of existence, of desire, form and formlessness with Pure Land Practice, one] definitely [will] not [be] able [to be] delivered [from the cycle of birth and death].


That Views’ Defilement, [has] five sharp agents [of wrong views, that make] evil views increase [and] flourish.


Namely, [1] Self View [of thinking there is self within the body], [2] Extreme View [of clinging to extremely wrong concepts], [3] Attachment [To False] Views, [4] Attachment [To] Precepts [as the complete path to liberation] and all [5] Evil Views [which are other wrong views, such as disregard of the karmic law of cause and effect, which make us] muddled, confused [and] sunken. Thus [is it] named as [a] defilement.


Within Views’ Defilement, [if] not [using the Pure Land] Practice, [that does] not need expedient means, [one] definitely [will] not [be] able [to be] delivered [from the cycle of birth and death].


That Afflictions’ Defilement, [has] five dull agents [that make] afflictions [and] confusions increase [and] flourish.


Namely, greed [or attachment], hatred [or aversion], delusion [or ignorance], pride [or arrogance and] doubt, [as] afflictions [that makes us] troubled [and] disturbed. Thus [is it] named as [a] defilement.


Within Afflictions’ Defilement, [if] not [using the Pure Land] Practice of [seeing that] even though [with the] ordinary mind, [it is the] Buddha’s mind, [one] definitely [will] not [be] able [to be] delivered [from the cycle of birth and death].


That Sentient Beings’ Defilement, [by] Views’ [and] Afflictions’ [Defilements] that induced confused [and] coarse Five Aggregates [of form, feeling, perception, volition and consciousness] joined, falsely named [as] sentient beings, [with] forms [and] minds together all lowly [and] inferior. Thus [is it] named as [a] defilement.


Sentient beings within this defilement, [if] not [using the Pure Land] Practice of rejoicing [for birth in Pure Land] and having aversion [for birth and death in the Sahā World, one] most certainly will not be able to be delivered [from the cycle of birth and death].


That Lifespan’s Defilement, [with] cause [and] effect [i.e. karma] together lowly, lifespans [are] short [and] fleeting, and even not filling [a] hundred years. Thus [is it] named as [a] defilement.


Within Lifespan’s Defilement, [if] not [using Pure Land] Practice of not wasting [the] time [of] kalpas, [and] not labouring diligently, one] definitely [will] not [be] able [to be] delivered [from the cycle of birth and death].


Furthermore, only [with] this Faith [and] Aspiration adorning each recitation of ‘Amituofo’,


transforms Kalpa’s Defilement as [a] pure ocean[-wide] assembly,


transforms Views’ Defilement as immeasurable light [of wisdom],


transforms Afflictions’ Defilement as eternal still light [of peace],


transforms Sentient Beings’ Defilement as lotus flower transformed births,


[and] transforms Lifespan’s Defilement as immeasurable life.

– 净土宗九祖澫益大师

– Pure Land Tradition’s 9th Patriarch Great Master Ǒuyì
(Essential Explanation [Of The] Sūtra [In Which The] Buddha Speaks [Of] Amitā[bha] Buddha)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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Complete English Translation Of ‘The Essential Explanation On The Amitābha Sūtra As Spoken By The Buddha’

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