When Can Dying Animals Be Touched?

Question: Do animals also, like humans, attain rebirth within 49 days after death?

Answer: It is difficult to tell if there is a similar or fixed duration, what more with so many different species of animals and conditions. It is good to assume, in the light of uncertainty, that the duration is the same as that of humans. This is unless there are clear teachings stating otherwise. Note too, that 49 days is the maximum duration for average deceased humans to take rebirth. This means it can be shorter or longer.

Question: Should animals’ bodies also not be touched for at least 3 to 8 hours (or ideally even more) upon dying?

Answer: Due to the above again, it is good to follow human guidelines. Note however, that touching of any dying beings should already also be minimised, if done at all, as this magnifies pain. Non-touching and non-moving should not only be after death.

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