Does Chanting Attract Spirits?

Question: I heard some saying that chanting certain mantras or sutras attracts spirits (ghosts) as they also want to listen to the Dharma. Is there any truth in this? If so, does it really matter, especially if I sometimes chant at night?

Answer: Generally, chanting, just as it can catch the attention of seen human beings, can also catch the attention of unseen spirit beings. Whether it sustains attention is another matter. Just as not all humans are interested in chanting, not all unseen beings are. Most people, unless they are very sensitive, are unlikely to feel their presence. The truth this, unseen beings are already kind of around us, passing by day or night without us knowing, just as undetected insects cross our paths day and night too. When there is sincere reciting, there is natural connection to the Triple Gem’s blessings and protection (of the Buddhas, Dharma and Sangha). As such, there’s no need to be worried about this – especially if you have never had any strange encounters, which is the case for most. Unfounded fear of relatively rare ghostly encounters should not be an excuse for not practising chanting as it is a powerful means for reminding us of the Buddha’s teachings and deepening our understanding of them.

Some unseen beings might want to come and learn by listening to chanting, or even practise along, while some beings might want to partake of the merits shared at the end of the chanting for their well-being. This is a reason why chanting should always be practised sincerely and mindfully – because both unseen gods and ghosts might be listening to the Dharma intoned; not just ourselves and those we are chanting with. It is in effect, when chanting sutras, delivering sermons on the behalf of the Buddha, as spokespersons. This is a reason why chanting is so meritorious, as it shares the greatest gift possible – the Dharma, that guides all to True Happiness. Unseen beings can read our minds’ understanding of the sutras and our intentions to share too, which is why chanting with right knowledge and motivation can be very beneficial in ‘translating’ or simplifying the sutras for them.

Especially if there is ‘detection’ of the presence of unseen beings, it is good to chant more of, for example, Amitabha Sutra and the name of Amituofo (Amitabha Buddha) to guide them to likewise be mindful of Amituofo with the right Faith, Aspiration and Practice to be reborn in Pure Land. This is important because merely having some or even much self-cultivated or shared merits does not necessarily leads to lessening of wandering spirits’ attachment to Samsara (and the life that just transpired), and it does not mean they will automatically have a skilful sense of direction, as to where to aspire to be born for further spiritual development. Even gods with wisdom appreciate redirection to Pure Land, as enlightenment is guaranteed there. Incidentally, Sakyamuni Buddha taught in the Amitabha Sutra, that anyone who is sincerely mindful of Amituofo and/or the sutra will be mindfully protected by all Buddhas. This is why we should practise sincerely.

Q: Some say only chanting by monastics and those with religious backgrounds have any kind of power, such as the power to cleanse a haunted place. Is this true?

A: The truth is, depending on how much compassion and wisdom we have, as aligned to the Buddha’s teachings, our chanting will be correspondingly powerful in a good way. However, conscientitious practice of chanting itself helps to cultivate greater compassion and deeper wisdom. Generally, Buddhists have more confidence in monastics’ chanting simply because they are ideally more proficient in spiritual cultivation. However, laypeople can be proficient as well, if they are good practitioners. When we speak of ‘cleansing’ haunted places by chanting, we have to remember that it is not so much to chase away spirits out of fear or hatred, but to counsel and encourage them with compassion, to be wise by taking a better rebirth (in Pure Land), as mentioned in the previous answer.

Q: Does chanting played from recordings attract unseen beings too?

A: Any sound naturally attract listeners once it it is ‘sounded’. Whether they come to pay continual attention due to interest or leave due to disinterest is another matter. Recorded chanting lacks the ability to transmit the motivation and understanding of the chanted by the ‘live ‘chanter. However, spirits who are wiser might be able to understand the chanted directly, without our ‘mental commentary’. Recorded chanting also lacks the power of blessing, as it does not emit the living energy of sincerity. However, it might urge listeners to give rise to sincere practice and thus creation of blessings on their part.

Q: Can unseen beings sense silent chanting within our minds?

A: Since spirits can read minds, chanting in the mind can be heard too, but only if they happen to be reading the chanter’s mind. Chanting aloud naturally catches more attention, creating more opportunities for sharing understanding when the mind is also read. If there is ‘fear’ of chanting, it can be practised in groups at temples, before being confident to do it personally at home. Remember – most never have ghostly encounters while chanting, and it is always better to practise chanting than not to, as it benefits oneself and others. Chanting should always be done with utmost sincerity for the best effects of personally connecting to the chanted, and for connecting others to the chanted too. This is much better than habitually entertaining useless or even harmful stray thoughts, which result in mindless mental and vocal chatter, which is witnessed by unseen beings anyway! With the diligent practice of sincere and mindful chanting, there is the experience of calmness and clarity of mind, while being spiritually recharged with blessings. Fear should not arise at all. This is why chanting is popular among its sincere practitioners!

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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