Will Vision Of Any Buddha Do?

Question: Since all Buddhas are of the same one Dharmakaya, and since being mindful of Amituofo is in essence being mindful of all Buddhas, does this mean that mindfulness of Amituofo that leads to vision of other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas is ‘normal’ (since they have the same Dharmakaya)?

Answer: This is not the case as although fully enlightened Bodhisattvas and Buddhas are one as the Dharmakaya, the truth is, we still differentiate them due to our dualistic minds, as we are not enlightened like them (to be and realise oneness of the Dharmakaya). And as all of them know this, they will not confuse us by manifesting as forms not expected. Also, if ‘anyone goes’ in terms of results, there would be no way to know if one’s practice of mindfulness was appropriately done. That is to say, if one is mindful of Amituofo sincerely, as according to cause and effect and the compassionate wisdom of Amituofo, the one who manifests will be Amituofo and not anyone else. Here are some related articles on this subject:

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Q: Is it okay to prostrate to other Buddhas but always recite Amituofo’s name out of convenience and habit since they have the same Dharmakaya?

A: Yes, this is alright, if there is not sense of disrespect to any other Buddhas. It is interesting to note that such as question is usually asked exactly due to what mentioned above – because we have a dualistic mind, that prefers to focus on one over others, while being unsure to some extent if this is alright. Precisely due to this tendency, Shakyamuni Buddha, in many sutras, and great masters, in many commentaries, simply encourage focus on Amituofo to prevent scatter-mindedness. This is especially the case when one is ambivalent of which Buddha to be mindful of and which Buddha to expect on the deathbed.

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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