Just Do It

From having Faith in the Pure Land teachings,
arises Aspiration to be born in Pure Land,
and the Practice [of Nianfo: Buddha mindfulness] to do so.

Strong Practice arises from having strong Faith and Aspiration,
while greater Faith and Aspiration can arise from Practice too,
while greater Aspiration can arise from having Faith and Practice too.

The Three Provisions
of Faith, Aspiration and Practice
fortify one another.

When having some doubt (lacking Faith) about the Practice,
despite having learnt a little about it, you can still ‘just do it’ –
to experience its benefits, and thereby increase your Faith and Aspiration.

This life is too short to procrastinate Practice.
This life is too precious not to begin Practice.
This life is too crucial not to use as stepping stone to Pure Land.


One who claims to know the rationale of a Dharma teaching,
but does not practise it
does not truly know the rationale of the Dharma yet.

– Stonepeace

[The Buddhadharma is not just for learning, but for practice, realisation and sharing too.]

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