How to Handle Ghostly Disturbances

First Disturbance

Question: While sleeping after attending a wake, a black ‘formless’ being approached and tried to push me off my bed!
Answer: How did you react?

Q: I held on to prevent falling off. It happened very quickly and I didn’t even think of nianfo (being mindful of Amituofo’s name).
A: This is exactly why we need to practise nianfo well in everyday life – to prepare for emergencies like these, so as to naturally and swiftly nianfo then, as it would be our second (or rather, first) nature to do so! We need to train well now because we can die any time, and when we are dying, similar experiences might happen, depending on our karma!

Second Disturbance

Q: After attending another wake some time later, a black menacing-looking being sat heavily on my chest and strangled me.
A: How did you react before you got up?

Q: While gasping to breathe, I tried to nianfo. After just a few chants, the blackness shrank and backed off.
A: This is a wonderful example of nianfo working. This should increase your faith in Amituofo! (Many experience the similar!)

Protection Tips

Q: A friend said the beings followed me home after the wakes. She advised to nianfo at wakes. Do I tell them not to follow?
A: Yes, nianfo is the simplest yet sure way to protect yourself. Nianfo while at wakes as much as you can, and do so on the way home and before sleep. If you sense any being present, you should first think (since they can read minds, or say) this aloud – ‘May you also nianfo sincerely – till you see Amituofo, and depart with him to Pure Land, where there is no suffering’. Thereafter, just nianfo, and share merits later. It is hard to tell if the disturbing beings were ‘stray’ wandering spirits present at the wakes, as wandering spirits can be almost anywhere (as they wander). This means wandering spirits can be encountered anywhere and any time when we are spiritually weak and have the karmic affinity to meet – whether we have visited wakes or not. When we are continually mindful of Amituofo’s name with right faith and understanding, this mindfulness protects us by connecting to Amituofo’s blessings.

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