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Not Yet Pure, But Wish to Be Pure

Written by Shen Shi'an

It is mistaken by some that to be born in Pure Land, one must be perfectly pure.
If so, there would be no need to be born in Pure Land –
as one is already totally purified.
It would not be necessary to go to Pure Land to purify oneself completely.

As such, to go to Pure Land, we need not be perfectly pure.
What we need is to be good enough –
to have sufficient good roots (善根), good karma / merits (福德)
and karmic affinity (因缘).

Strong karmic affinity would include strong faith, aspiration and practice.
Strong aspiration would include a strong motivation to want to be pure.
The more this aspiration is followed through in this life,
the more likely is one able to be born in Pure Land.

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