[23] Top Ten Reasons To Join Pureland Practice Fellowship Sessions 十大参加净行会的理由

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[1] Practice: You will be deepening your practice of mindfulness of Buddha (念佛) with regular (re)calibration tips and reminders. You will grow in your spiritual discipline when you set time aside for ongoing or occasional sessions. (Located centrally, there will be comfortable chairs.)

[2] Meritorious Virtues: You will create more meritorious virtues (功德) as the synergy of group cultivation (共修) creates more benefits for dedicating (回向) to one another and everyone else.

[3] Learning: You will keep learning about the Pure Land teachings, and other related aspects of the Dharma in detail with many self-contained sets of teachings, beyond that learnt concisely via courses.

[4] Examples: You will be learning much more beyond ancient words in sūtras and commentaries (经论) with contemporary examples shared for illustrating their timeless principles.

[5] Presentation: You will faciliate your learning with the visual, audio and video aids available, with detailed illustrative slides projected and such.

[6] Enquiries: You will learn much more by actively clarifying your small and big doubts instantly, and learn from answers to others’ enquiries too. You will also learn about Buddhist perspectives on current issues of interest.

[7] Testimonies: You will be greatly inspired and motivated when you hear the core Pure Land principles come alive with the sharing of case studies in person, on personal and support-chanting practice (助念) experiences.

[8] Fellowship: You will get to know good-knowing friends (善知识) who motivate you to further your spiritual path. You will be the first to know about gatherings and Buddhist trips for fostering fellowship.

[9] Provisions: You will be expressing and increasing your Three Provisions (三资粮) of Faith, Aspiration and Practice (信愿行) for birth in Pure Land, which is the ultimate goal to work towards in this short(ening) lifetime.

[10] Propagation: You will play your part in supporting the learning, practice and sharing of the Pure Land teachings, to perpetuate them in this lifetime and beyond.

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