[37] Why Join Pureland Practice Fellowship? 为何参加净行会?

PPF sessions are only for those who have completed at least one of our Pure Land courses at TheDailyEnlightenment.com/courses. (Email registration for newcomers is needed by replying to the weekly ‘[Amituofo]’ email.) Below is feedback from PPF participants to share. Namo Amituofo.

MEOW LIN: Thank you Laoshi, for your sharing and constant reminder to Nianfo today. It is very inspiring, motivating and encouraging, as it has always been! There’s seldom a dull moment listening to your sharing… 感恩. Amituofo.

HONG BENG: I’ve attended 2 fellowship sessions so far and I must say that I enjoyed them. Also, it helps me to have a regular Nianfo group to support my practice. Really appreciate the group and your teachings. Namo Amituofo! / I’ve been attending the fellowship sessions on Saturday and find them most interesting and inspiring to help me continue to Nianfo.  Thank you, Teacher for sharing your knowledge with us.

JACQUELINE: I like attending PPF because each week, we listen to and actively engage in one interesting topic after another – topics that are relevant in helping us advance our understanding, faith, aspiration and practice of the Pure Land teachings. There is always opportunity for anyone to ask questions and Teacher Shi’an strives hard to answer the questions and clarify some points during discussions. With deep gratitude! Amituofo!

DAVIZON: Yes, 100% agree with Jacqueline. Every week, we are spiritually advancing ourselves. Learning and practising are lifelong tasks until we reach Pure Land. So, come and immerse in the wonderful energies of all like-minded brothers and sisters to achieve the same goal. Thank you, thank you. thank you. Amituofo.

BRO. KEE: I like attending PPF because every week I learn more Dharma teachings and sharings from Teacher Shi’an. He shares practical daily issues which greatly help me in Nianfo practice. I am also happy to be with liked-minded and good people, who encourage each other to Nianfo and reach Pure Land. Amituofo!

IRIS: I fully agree with the rest. There is definitely very rich lifelong learning during each session. It is very meaningful… especially at our age when we are walking the return journey… My friend had been persuading me to join your class – not once but for a few times. I was not sure… but after my first lesson of Destination Pureland, I realised that this is the right class, which is why I keep attending class after class. Everybody keep mentioning that the last thought is very important… Every funeral, [most of the] the presiding monk[s] always ask family members to chant ‘Namo Amituofo’, so we can’t be wrong. Teacher Shen, you had cleared all my doubts, especially on the Five Percepts. Other classes I had attended elsewhere are very brief but yours is in-depth. In fact, I am slowly changing my diet to vegan food too.

MEE NAH: Really appreciate Shi’an’s tireless efforts in initiating and leading the group, where we all can gather, learn and share on Nianfo practice. As we involve very much in worldly matters daily, this gathering platform provides me with constant reminders on mindfulness of Buddha. I also see that we encourage each other on our learning path. It always motivates me to practise Nianfo sincerely after the session. Amituofo.

KELLY: Heartfelt 感恩 to Teacher Shi’an for teaching the Pure Land teachings to us, without which, I’ll still be groping in the dark, unable to see the fastest way out to get out of Samsara for myself, and for helping others too. Amituofo.

AI HUA: The answers and teaching points provided by Teacher Shi’an during every session always reinforces my faith and thus the motivation to continue to Nianfo. In this Dharma Ending Age, this PPF platform proves to be indeed very valuable. Amituofo.

KEN: 老師’s PPF sessions help many’s 法轮 to be moving – so as to 不退转。殊胜。阿弥陀佛。

SU ANN: Great opportunity to practise Nianfo. Always grateful if I can make it. And thank you for sharing through the [Whatsapp] chat group though this may result in reduced attendance. [Shi’an: Actually, most sessions are not summarised and shared by messaging, while there are many more details we share ‘live’.]… I find discussions useful… Thank you for teaching and improving… Amituofo.

BENG HUA: I like to be there to clear any doubts arising from practice of Nianfo, so as to strengthen my belief in 今生成佛。南無阿弥陀佛。

BEE LAY: If on my own, being not a disciplined person, I certainly don’t Nianfo for so ‘long’. PPF is a good opportunity to me to Nianfo for a ‘longer’ duration, to practise more seriously. It also creates an environment or circle conducive for Pure Land practice, to steer us to the right path. Thank you, Shi’an Laoshi for the continuous efforts and contributions to keep PPF alive all these years.

KHUAN HENG: PPF provides a platform for continual learning. Very often, when I am stuck with an issue, Laoshi can offer different perspectives to resolve it. He provides a positive environment for all to question without hesitation when in doubt. Thanks, Laoshi, for your passion, conviction and relentless efforts. 感恩。阿弥陀佛!

PAULINE: [Coming to PPF] is a good practice, and [for getting] good understanding… especially when I didn’t really know how to pray or chant. After attending some sessions, I became aware of the procedure. It also gives me an opportunity to do chanting for a longer period. TQ Laoshi.

JANET: Indeed, though unable to attend the PPF weekly sessions, I am never spiritually detached. This chat group continues to lead, connect busy ‘souls’ 24/7 to 阿弥陀佛, to have inexorable faith, with efforts for practice of 念佛!Utmost gratitude to Shi’an 老师 for your unrelenting efforts to make this possible and sustainable!

HVI CHUN: Me too. Thanks much, Laoshi. Amituofo.

SHEILA: I like PPF sessions. Teacher Shi’an always mentions about the 3 Provisions for mindful Nianfo. The environment provides me more confidence to Nianfo. Teacher Shi’an is extraordinary. 我要加油, 加油, 加油。感谢 Laoshi. Amituofo.

WEI PENG: PPF is a wonderful weekly reminder about the importance of 念佛. When i get sluggish about practice, there’s always PPF to bring me back on track! The sharing by Shi’an 老师 is also invaluable. We can always find new insights even if we are going through oft-discussed topics. Thank you, Bro Shi’an! 阿弥陀佛。

BAY CHOO: It keeps me on the right track. There are several occasions when I’m not sure if some Buddhist associations are legitimate. Laoshi never failed to clarify my doubts. Many thanks.

JANICE: Same here, thank you Shi’an Laoshi for your guidance. Amituofo.

MAY: PPF provides a platform for like-minded people to practise, share experiences and clarify doubts. Very often we have taken many things for granted, including such opportunities to learn and practise. Without a committed teacher, a conducive environment and spiritual friends, such sessions will not be possible. We are indeed blessed to have all the conditions, and may we all treasure these opportunities to strive on with diligence.

SHAROL: Thank you, both of you, for all the PPF sessions, the creative books and cards that are received.

CHWEE NEO: Teacher Shi’an is a good teacher. He’s not selfish. He doesn’t think of going to Pure Land alone, but practises veganism and teaches the Dharma to help people like us who find it difficult to practise the Dharma, to go towards liberation in Pure Land. Amituofo.

CHIEW THIAN: Thank you, Bro. Shi’an, for showing us the path to Amituofo’s Pure Land, and also being a good mentor along the way. Hope PPF will continue to benefit more people in the years to come.

CANDY: When I first joined PPF, I was not sure if I was in the right group. Because it seemed to me that every 宗教/派 would claim that theirs is the best. After attending a few PPF sessions, I could sense that the main differentiating factor is that we have a sincere 老师 in guiding us. If you have attended his lessons, you will know. 感恩老师 and to those supporting him. Amituofo.

CHIN KIAT: PPF provides a simple and conducive environment for 念佛 without complicated rituals. The atmosphere is very relaxing for Q&A. Questions and doubts can be raised freely without much hesitation. I enjoy the sessions very much. 阿弥陀佛。

VICKY: I’ve been attending PPF lately and found it beneficial, both spiritually and knowledgeably. Thank you.

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