[21] Top Ten Pointers On Skilful Use Of Buddhist Mantras 十大善巧运用佛咒的指示

[21] Top Ten Pointers On Skilful Use Of Buddhist Mantras

[01] Practicality: It is most practical to practise a short mantra habitually most, so that it will be easier remembered and practicable in emergencies, including when dying, for rebirth in Pure Land. (This is none other than ‘Āmítuófó’: 阿弥陀佛)

[02] Priority: There should be higher priority to practise mindfulness of ‘Āmítuófó’, than to always rely on worn mantra pendants for protection and blessings, because such pendants might not always be available, depending on karma.

[03] Meritorious Virtues: While there must be meritorious virtues to receive mantras for use, it is better to practise mantras personally, to create more meritorious virtues, and for direct protection.

[04] Respect: Worn mantras are ideally compact, durable and waterproof, for convenience of use and keeping clean. They should be kept respectfully, away from low and filthy places.

[05] Wearing: Worn mantras can offer protection when there is no mindfulness of them, thus offering extra protection for the spiritually weak, and those resting. (An advantage of worn mantras is that they will work, even if the wearers do not have faith in them.)

[06] Double Protection: It is safest to both practise mantra mindfulness and to wear at least one, for protection when both awake and asleep.

[07] Focus: There should not be continual switching of mantras practised and worn, as this expresses lack of adequate faith in any of the mantras.

[08] Rebirth Blanket: The Dhāraṇī (Rebirth) Blanket (陀罗尼[往生]被) is like a big cloth talisman, that combines many powerful mantras, for protecting the living, dying and deceased.

[09] Practice: The Main Practice (正行) should be mindfulness of ‘Āmítuófó’ for personal practice and for guiding others via support-chanting (助念).

[10] Key: Although mantras are often described to be (equally) unsurpassable, the practicality of practice in emergencies is still key.

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