[6] The Great Vehicle’s Sūtras All Speak Of The Pure Land Teachings’ Wonderful Dharma 大乘经皆说净土妙法

[6] [The] Great Vehicle’s Sūtras All Speak [Of The] Pure Land Teachings’ Wonderful Dharma


[Of the] Amitābha Sūtra, Immeasurable Life Sūtra [and] Contemplation [Of] Immeasurable Life Buddha Sūtra, these [are] named [as the] Pure Land [Tradition’s] Three Sūtras, [that] focus [on] discussing [the] Pure Land’s conditions [of] arising, practices [and] principles. Those other all Great Vehicle’s sūtras, all carry speak [of] Pure Land [too].

[Note 1: For the expanded collection, as the Pure Land Tradition’s Five Sūtras And One Treatise《净土五经一论》, which include the above Three Sūtras, see]


And [the] Flower Adornment, [this] one sūtra, [is] then [when the] Thus Come [One] first accomplished Right Awakening, for forty-one positions’ Dharma Body’s Great Beings, matching [their] natures, directly discussing [the] One Vehicle’s wonderful Dharma [Door].

[Note 2: The forty-one positions’ Dharma Body’s Great Beings (四十一位法身大士) are the highest Bodhisattvas, of the Ten Abodes (十住), Ten Practices (十行), Ten Dedications (十回向), Ten Grounds (十地) and Equal Awakening (等觉), with the last just before Buddhahood.]


Finally, in the end, [with the youth] Good Wealth travelling [to] study [from good-]knowing friends, for realising [that] equal [with] all Buddhas later, [with] Universal Virtue Bodhisattva, for [him] speaking [the] Ten Great Vows’ King, universally enabling Good Wealth, and with [the] Flower Treasury’s ocean[-wide] assembly, [to] dedicate [for] rebirth [in the] Western [Pure] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, in order [to] perfect [and] complete [the] Buddha fruit.

[Note 3: For the Ten Great Vows’ King, see]


Yet, [of the] Contemplation Sūtra’s Low Grade’s Low Birth, [those with] Five Heinous [Transgressions and] Ten Evil [Karmas], complete [with] all [that is] not good, when approaching life’s end, [with] hell’s forms appearing, [who] have good-knowing friend[s] teaching with mindfulness [of] Buddha, [with] them then receiving [the] teaching [to] recite [the] Buddha’s name, [when] yet [to] fulfil ten recitations, [will] then see [a] manifested Buddha extend [his] hand, [to] receive [and] guide [them for] rebirth.

[Note 4:  The Five Heinous Transgressions (五逆罪) are killing of father (杀父), killing of mother (杀母), killing of an Arhat (杀阿罗汉), causing a Buddha to bleed (出佛身血) and breaking up of the harmonious Saṃgha (破和合僧).

The Ten Evil Karmas (十恶业) are killing lives (杀生), stealing (偷盗), sexual misconduct (邪淫), false speech (妄语), double-tongued speech (两舌), harsh speech (恶口), useless speech (绮语), greedy desires (贪欲), anger (嗔恚) and false views (邪见).

For details on this grade of birth, see]


[The] Great Collection Sūtra says, ‘[In the] Dharma-Ending [Age, when a] hundred million [of a] hundred million people cultivate [the] path, rarely [will] one attain [the] path. Only relying [on] mindfulness [of] Buddha, attaining deliverance [from the cycle of] birth [and] death.’

[Note 5: For the Sūtra In Which The Buddha Speaks Of The Dharma’s Complete End《佛说法灭尽经》, with details on this Dharma-Ending Age, see]


[With] this know [that] mindfulness [of] Buddha’s one Dharma [Door, is] then [the] path of [the] noble above [and the] ordinary below, [for] cultivating together. If foolish or wise, [it is their] Dharma [Door] of common practice.


[With] starting [of practice] easy, yet [with] success high, [with] exerting [of] efforts little, yet [with] attaining [of] results fast.


With that focusing [on] relying [on the] Buddha’s power, thus [are] their benefits especially excellent, transcending common routes [and other] teachings’ paths.


Former [times’] people say, ‘[With] other [Dharma] Doors learning [the] path, resembles [an] ant’s ascending of [a] high mountain. [With] mindfulness [of] Buddha reborn, [is] like [having] wind [in the] sails hoisted in [the] current’s [flowing] water.’

[Note 6: For another similar analogy in the Ten Abodes’ Vibhāṣā Treatise《十住毗婆沙论》, ‘The Buddhas’ teachings have immeasurable Dharma Doors. Like worldly paths, there are the difficult and there are the easy, with land paths for travelling by foot thus with suffering, and the water path for riding a ship thus with bliss.’ (佛法有无量门。如世间道,有难有易,陆道步行则苦,水道乘船则乐。)

For further explanations, see]


That can [be] said [to be the] best description.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
Dharma Master Yìnguāng’s Collected Writings (First Compilation): Letter For Xú Fúxián;
Record [Of] Great Master Yìnguāng’s Collected Writings’ Essence (6th Short Section): 1st [Chapter]: Praise [Of The] Pure Land [Dharma Door Being] Transcendental [And] Supreme (6th Short Section)
[Ref: #6 / 1.6]

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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