The Pure Land Dharma Door, Is With Exerting Of Efforts Little, Yet With Success Easy 净土法门,用力少而成功易 With Impermanence Once Arriving, Ten Thousand Matters All Have To Stop 无常一到,万事皆休

[The] Pure Land Dharma Door, [Is With] Exerting [Of] Efforts Little, Yet [With] Success Easy


[The] Pure Land Dharma Door, accords [with] principles [and] accords [with all spiritual] capacities, [with] exerting [of] efforts little, yet [with] success easy, like [having the] wind [in the] sails hoisted in smooth water, [this is] with relying [on the] Buddha’s power thus.


Each other [Buddhist] tradition, [is with] exerting [of] efforts much, yet [with] success difficult, like [an] ant’s ascending of [a] high mountain, [this is with] completely relying [on] Self-power thus.


Equal Awakening Bodhisattvas, desiring [to] perfect [the] Buddha fruit, still must seek birth [in the] Western [Pure Land].


Furthermore, [of] myself [and] other ordinary beings, [with evil] karmic roots deep [and] heavy, [if] not devoting efforts to this, is [to] abandon [the] easy, yet seeking [the] difficult, [with] confusions that [are] extreme.


Moreover, nowadays, [with the] instruments of killing people, daily [with that] new [and] monthly [with that] different, like planes [and] big cannons, poisonous gases, death rays [and] others, [that] mountains [and] rivers [are] not able [to] obstruct, [that] hard objects cannot restrain [and] resist, of [the] bodies of myself [and] others [with] blood [and] flesh, how [are they] able [to] match these?

[With] Impermanence Once Arriving, Ten Thousand Matters All [Have To] Stop


And [this] human life, [is like] morning dew, [with] impermanence once arriving, [its] ten thousand matters all [have to] stop.


Those, [if] are with [the] desire [to] seek departure [from] suffering, [and to] attain bliss, should promptly strive hard [to] recite [the] Buddha[‘s name] [i.e. Āmítuófó: 阿弥陀佛], [to] seek [the] Buddha’s blessings, [when] approaching [life’s] end, [with] rebirth [in his Pure Land].


Once ascending that land, forever not retrogressing, [with the lotus] flower blossoming, [and] seeing [the] Buddha, [for] attaining realisation [of] non-birth, then [is this] not letting down [having] attained listened [to] this Dharma, then [having] faithfully accepted [it].


Only wishing [the] great assembly [to be] diligent [in] practice, [this] is that [which I with] utmost sincerity request.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Shànghǎi Dharma Assembly [For] Protection [Of The] Country [And] Cessation [Of] Disasters’ Dharma Words)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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