[8] With Only This One Thought Of Āmítuófó 只此一念阿弥陀佛 The Manifested Buddha Coming And Welcoming 化佛来迎

[8] [The] Manifested Buddha Coming [And] Welcoming


[In the] ‘Record [Of The] Essential Mirror’, [is a] question [that] asked, ‘[As the] mind outside [is] without [the] Buddha, seeing [the] Buddha is [seeing the] mind. Why [do the] teachings within speak [of] having [a] manifested Buddha coming [and] welcoming, [for] birth in all Pure Lands?’


To reply, ‘[The] Dharma Body’s true Buddha [is] originally without arising [and] ceasing, from [that] true arising [with the] manifested, [to] receive [and] guide [those with] confusions’ roots, with [the] manifested then true, truly responding [in] one moment, then not coming [and] not going, accordingly responding [to] living beings’ minds.


Also, [with the] manifested body then true, [it is] said [to be] without coming [and] going. From [the] true flowing [with the] manifested, appearing [to] have departing [and] returning, [it is] then without coming [of] form then coming, without seeing [of] form then seen too. Without coming yet coming, [it] is like [the] moon that suddenly shows. Without seeing yet seen, just like clouds that suddenly appear.’


Asking, ‘Like [the] above, [of] that said, [the] true body [is] then peaceful [and] unmoving, [with the] manifested form then without coming yet coming, [as this] precisely is [with the] mind outside having “another” Buddha coming [and] welcoming, how [can there be] realisation [that] one’s mind is [the] Buddha?’


To reply, ‘This then is [with the] Thus Come [One’s] fundamental vows’ meritorious virtues thus, [that] cause those sentient beings [who] have affinity, [and] focus [their] minds’ thoughts, [to be] able [to] cause [their] own minds [to] see [the] Buddha coming [and] welcoming, not [that] all Buddhas truly send manifestation bodies, then coming [and] welcoming [to] guide. [This] only is [with those] having affinity, timing [and] opportunity exactly agreeable, [then] able [to] cause [their] own minds [to] see [the] Buddha coming [and] welcoming. Thus [is the] Buddha’s body peaceful [and] constantly still, without going [and] without coming. [With] sentient beings’ conscious minds relying on [the] Buddha’s fundamental vows’ power, [in] one thought changing [and] manifesting, having going [and] having coming.


Like [a] mirror face reflecting, like [in a] dream doing action. Of forms within [a] mirror, [they are] not inside [and] not outside, of matters [in a] dream, [it does] not have [them, and are] not without [them]. Only having [the] mind arising, not involving [the] Buddha’s manifestation.

[With Only This One Thought Of Āmítuófó]


Of those [with] true Faith cultivating practice, [who] really are [those who] want [to be] born [in the] Western [Pure] Land [Of] Ultimate Bliss, [they should] focus [their] minds [in each] one thought [on] upholding [the] one line [of] “Āmítuófó”.


Only this one thought is my Fundamental Teacher,


only this one thought is the same as [the] manifested Buddha,


only this one thought is [the] valiant general who breaks [free from the] hells,


only this one thought is [the] treasure sword that severs [from] demonic hordes,


only this one thought is [the] bright lamp that clears darkness,


only this one thought is [the] great ship that delivers [from the] suffering ocean,


only this one thought is [the] good medicine that liberates [from the cycle of] birth [and] death,


only this one thought is [the] direct path that exits [from the] three realms [of desire, form and formlessness],


only this one thought is original nature’s Āmítuófó [that connects to the actual Āmítuófó],


only this one thought reaches [the] mind-only Pure Land [of Āmítuófó, that is material too].


Only needing [to] remember this one line [of] “Āmítuófó” in mindfulness, not causing [it to be] lost,


[from] thought [to] thought constantly manifesting [in the] present, [from] thought [to] thought not leaving [the] mind,


without matters [occupied] also thus mindful, with matters [occupied] also thus mindful,


[with] peace [and] bliss also thus mindful, [with] sickness [and] suffering also thus mindful,


[when] living also thus mindful, [when] dying also thus mindful,


thus [with each] one thought distinct [and] clear, not forgotten, why again ask people [for] seeking [the] homeward journey, [to return to our Buddha-nature in Pure Land]?


[This] can [be] called sailing [on a] ship, [that] completely depends [on the] person handling [the] rudder, [with] those reaching, together travelling [on] Nirvāṇa’s path.’

Pure Land Tradition’s 6th Patriarch Great Master Yǒngmíng
Lúshān’s Lotus Tradition’s Treasure Mirror: Eighth Scroll [On] Right Tips [On] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha [For] Rebirth: [The] Manifested Buddha Coming [And] Welcoming
[By] Great Master Yōután Pǔdù Compiled

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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