[4] The Fourth Principle: With Focused Cultivation Of Pure Karma, By Oneself Attaining Mind’s Awakening 第四条原则:专修净业,自得心开

[4] [The] Fourth Principle: [With] Focused Cultivation [Of] Pure Karma, [By] Oneself Attaining Mind’s Awakening


Of persons [with] mindfulness [of the] Buddha, [they] must not [be] involved in [the] Chán school’s one path [of] contemplative investigation. With those [having] contemplative investigation, all [do] not emphasize on Faith [and] Aspiration [for] seeking birth [in Pure Land]. Even if mindful [of the] Buddha, only emphasizing [on] seeing ‘Who is [the one] mindful [of the] Buddha?’, with seeking [of] awakening only.


If born [in the] Western [Pure Land, it is] without those [who do] not awaken. If awakened, then [with] confusions [and negative] karma completely exhausted, thus can [they be] liberated [from the cycle of] birth [and] death.


If confusions [and negative] karma [are] yet [to be] exhausted, thus not able [to] rely [on] Self-power [to be] liberated [from the cycle of] birth [and] death. Also without having Faith [and] Aspiration, thus not able [to] rely [on the] Buddha’s power [to be] liberated [from the cycle of] birth [and] death. [With] that [of] Self-power [and the] Buddha’s power, without depending [on] both, [yet] desiring [to] exit rebirth, how [can] that [be] attained?


[It] must [be] known [that even of the] Dharma Body’s Bodhisattvas yet [to] accomplish Buddhahood, all must rely [on the] Buddha’s majestic power. Furthermore, [for] ordinary beings [with negative] karma’s power, [who] extravagantly speak [of] Self-power, [and] not relying [on the] Buddha’s power. These words although ‘high [and] superb’, this practice [is] truly lowly [and] inferior! Of [the] Buddha’s power’s [and] Self-power’s greatness [and] smallness, how [can their] differences only [be those between the] sky [and the] abyss? May co-practitioners all realise this meant.

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng

(One Letter [As A] Common Reply)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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One Letter As A Common Reply

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