[80] Remembering And Forgetting To Recite Āmítuófó

Part 1: CN had moved into an apartment she bought, that had been on the resale market for four years already, for whatever reasons. (Perhaps someone died unhappily in it? Perhaps there were hauntings?)

She was lying down on its bed one night, that belonged to the previous owner, when she saw a black shape lie down behind too. Instinctively, she recited ‘Āmítuófó’ once, with which the shape immediately fled. Usually somewhat sceptical in nature, she is now convinced of the protective power of mindfulness of Buddha.

When she shared this with Pure Land practitioners, she was congratulated for remembering to be mindful of Buddha in an emergency.

Part 2: Two weeks later, when she was lying down, she saw strange lights on the ceiling. This time, she became so scared, that she just turned away, forgetting to recite ‘Āmítuófó’ even once!

When she shared this with Pure Land practitioners, she was reminded to practise mindfulness of Buddha in everyday life, sincerely and diligently, so as to more strongly instinctively remember to be mindful of Buddha in the next possible emergency.

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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