How To Urge Family Of Those On Life Support To Offer Guidance And Support-Chanting? 如何劝运用维持生命治疗者的家属开示助念?

Question: (With fictitious names), as Paul has strong attachment to Paula, wishing to keep her alive despite being on life support with little or no chance of recovery, how can there be encouragement of him to initiate sincere offering of guidance (开示) and support-chanting (助念) for her to reach Pure Land?

Answer: Bearing in mind that there should NOT be switching off of life support (as this would be to force death to occur), which is likely to be very disturbing for the patient, there can be use of the below, for urging the key decision maker(s) to initiate the above practices.

Reminders For Family And Friends Of Those On Life Support

[1] Remind them that according to the doctor(s), it is unlikely for there to be recovery.
[2] Remind them that to stay in this unfortunate state indefinitely is great suffering for the patient and all everyone concerned.
[3] Remind them that there will be great bliss once Pure Land is reached, with instant, complete and lasting healing.
[4] Remind them that the sure way to be able to meet and communicate with the loved one is in Pure Land later.
[5] Remind them that to offer guidance and support-chanting due to the above is expression of true love.
[6] Remind them of the power of sincere practice working well with inspiring testimonies.
[7] Remind them of the above kindly and patiently, systematically and repeatedly.
[8] Practise more repentance, mindfulness of Buddha and dedication of merits to all involved, in hope that the above will be heeded.

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