How Long Should Post-Wake Support-Chanting For The Deceased Be? 丧礼后的助念该多久? 

Question: After death and the wake, should chanting for the deceased end right after 49 days?

Answer: Offering of guidance (开示) and support-chanting (助念) according to purelanders.com/wake , with appropriate adapting of the Guidance Text (开示文) should continue after 49 days, especially if there is uneasiness, signs of haunting and/or lack of auspicious signs (despite prayer to Āmítuófó for assurance that the deceased is alright).

49 days is the duration, during which the average person takes rebirth. This also means that some might take longer time to be reborn, if with heavier deluded attachment and/or aversion. If not feeling assured, there can be continual chanting until there is peace of mind.

Even if already reborn in Pure Land, the merits dedicated can facilitate having a higher grade of birth there. If already reborn elsewhere in a less fortunate realm, even if unable to hear the chanting, the merits dedicated can alleviate suffering, and expedite a better rebirth. Thus, no efforts will be wasted.

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