How Those With Shallow Skills And Incomplete Precepts Can Also Reach Pure Land 工夫浅与戒品未全者如何也能往生净土




How Those [With] Shallow Skills And Incomplete Precepts Can Also Reach Pure Land

[To] arrive [at] doubts, [thinking that those with] skills [being] shallow, [and with their] grade [of] precepts yet [to be] complete [are not able to be reborn in Pure Land, is to] not know [that when] approaching [the] end [of life], of [their] relationship [with their] one [last] thought [before rebirth, it is] extremely great. [Do] not say [that only those who] all along practise [their] skills, even if of persons [who] all along [do] not practise [their] skills, if [when] approaching [the] end [of life, are] able [to] hear good-knowing advisors’ inspiring [and] guiding, and other persons’ support-chanting, [with] themselves accordingly reciting [the Buddha’s name verbally or silently, and with] their family members [on the] left [and] right skilfully nursing [and] protecting, not causing them [to] give rise [to] attachment and [the] angry mind, all [of them] can [be] reborn [in Pure Land].

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Third Reply Letter [To] Layperson Zhāng Yuánjìng)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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