The Mind Becomes & The Mind Is 心作心是 [13] This Mind Becomes Buddha, This Mind Is Buddha 是心作佛,是心是佛



众生烦恼业海,从心想生 …


The Mind Becomes And The Mind Is

‘It is the mind that becomes Buddha and it is the mind that is Buddha,’… All Buddhas’ right all-knowing ocean, from the mind’s thoughts arise…

‘It is the mind that becomes a sentient being, and it is the mind that is a sentient being’,… Sentient beings’ afflictions’ karmic ocean, from the mind’s thoughts arise…

‘The Pure Land Tradition’s Five Sūtras’ Republication’s Preface
(In the People’s Republic of China’s twenty-second year, of Guǐyǒu (1933), on the lunar calendar’s new year’s day, by the Constantly Repentant Monk Shì Yìnguāng sincerely written)

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