Complete Deliverance Verse 度尽偈



Complete Deliverance Verse

then delivering others,
first realising emptiness,
later emptiness of emptiness,
be liberated and liberated from liberation,
transcend and transcend transcendence.

[Note: To truly be able to deliver others, one should know how to deliver oneself first. There should be working towards realising emptiness (i.e. impermanent and unsubstantial nature) of the saṃsāric to aid self-liberation, for transcendence of Saṃsāra – via reach of Pure Land, after which emptiness should be realised to be empty too, so as to not cling to self-liberation, to transcend the transcendental, by manifesting ‘rebirth’ in Saṃsāra, which is no longer saṃsāric, to liberate all others.]

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