Encourage Going Veg(etari)an And Mindfulness Of Buddha For Swift Healing 劝为速愈而吃素念佛


[The] medical occupation [is] most easy [for] encouraging [and] transforming people.

[Note 1: These teachings apply not only to those who are doctors and nutritionists, but to everyone else who are capable of advising well too.]


[Of] all those [who] have sicknesses, [there] are none [who do] not wish [to] quickly recover.

[Note 2: Since all who are sick are willing to recover swiftly, they are more likely to heed good advice that is offered sincerely and convincingly.]


[If] for them speaking [that if] they eat [as] veg[etari]ans [and are] mindful [of] Buddha, [they will] eradicate [their] past [negative] karma, increase [and] grow good roots, they [will] naturally [be] willing [to have] Faith [in this].

[Note 3: Present sicknesses are caused by ripening negative karma, (including by ongoing deluded and greedy consumption). Past negative karma is eradicated, while positive karma is created, with deliberate refraining from creating more negative karma, through choices of kinder foods and drinks. To increase Faith, corresponding teachings from respected masters (such as these) and information from better informed doctors can be shared too, along with true case studies of healing with relevant medical advice.]


[With] Faith then able [to be] mindful [of eating and Buddha], then will [their] sicknesses quickly heal.

[Note 4: While (partial and) temporal healing in this life is possible in many cases, truly complete and lasting healing for all is experienced via reaching of Pure Land.]


Moreover, [do] not with [those who] learn ‘Western medicine’, always teach people [to] eat meat, saying [its] nourishing contents [are] ‘rich’.

[Note 5: Although already increasingly common general knowledge, many doctors who learn Eastern and Western medicine are still catching up with modern medical updates on how the balanced vegan diet is best for humans, while overly ‘rich’ (i.e. toxic) animal-based foods and drinks are detrimental to both humans and animals.]


This kind [of] people [in] future lives [will] all have [to] become [the] foodstuff of people.

[Note 6: Humans who eat many animals and encourage many other humans to do so are karmically likely to be reborn as animals, to be eaten by other humans in their next lives.]


[In] reverse speaking [of] moral principles, [this] harms people [and] self-harms.

[Note 7: There is harming of others and themselves in terms of their present physical and spiritual health, which can spill over to adversely affect their future lives’ health too.]


You, [if] willing [to] with this [be attentive and] deliberate, [your] medical path will definitely [become a] great practice.

[Note 8: Great doctors, with their compassion and wisdom, are able to heal not only physically, but spiritually at the same time, by connecting physical well-being with spiritual well-being.]

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(First Reply Letter [To] Layperson Jìngshàn)

Namo Amituofo : Translation and notes by Shen Shi’an

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