The Meaning Of ‘This Mind Becomes Buddha & This Mind Is Buddha’「是心作佛,是心是佛」之义

Related Sūtra:

The Eighth Contemplation: Image’s Contemplation (Of Contemplation Sūtra)

Basic Explanation:

The Pure Land Principle Of Aligning Mind With Buddha

Related Commentaries:

[1] 心佛众生
Mind, Buddhas & Sentient Beings

[2] 心佛为一
Mind & Buddha As One

[3] 木火为一
Wood & Fire As One

[4] 心作心是 (1)
Mind Becomes & Mind Is

[5] 三说二语
As Thrice Spoken On Two Sayings

[6] 一心作是
With Wholeheartedness Becoming & Being

[7] 念成偈
Verse On Mindfulness For Accomplishment
Verse On Cause & Effect

[8] 净因净果
Pure Cause With Pure Effects
How To Better Eradicate Negative Karma With Mindfulness Of Buddha?

[9] 顿入佛海
Sudden Entry Of Buddhas’ Ocean

[10] 事理念佛
Mindfulness Of Buddha In Practice And Principle

[11] 作是三观
‘Becomes’ And ‘Is’ As The Three Contemplations

[12] 不念佛,必念六凡
If Not Mindful Of Buddha, Definitely Will There Be Thoughts Of The Six Ordinary Paths

[13] 心作心是 (2)
The Mind Becomes And The Mind Is

[14] 净土法门之大
Greatness Of The Pure Land Dharma Door

[15] 今心偈
Verse On The Present Mind

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