Verse On Teaching One Another 互教偈




Verse On Teaching One Another

When young and without knowledge,
parents should teach their children.
When grown up and with knowledge,
children should teach their parents.

Teaching eating as veg[etari]ans
and mindfulness of Buddha,
with this fulfilling great filial piety.
Delivering this life’s parents,
and protecting past lives’ parents.

Note: As life is short, parents who already have the right knowledge above should teach their children when they are young too.

When the young practise accordingly, they also start fulfilling great filial piety, by accumulating meritorious virtues to dedicate to their present and past parents.

As the Buddha taught, since all sentient beings have been reborn as our parents before, not demanding the flesh of animals protects our past lives’ parents. It also protects the health of this life’s parents.

Offering guidance and support-chanting when their lives are ending, this completes filial piety towards them, as once they reach Pure Land, there will be no more suffering; only bliss.

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