For Breaking Three Cycles Speaking Of Pure Land 为破三轮说净土

For Breaking Three Cycles Speaking [Of] Pure Land


[Of] this sūtra, its cause [is] for breaking [free from the] three cycles thus. [Of] those three kinds [of] cycles, first [is] for breaking impermanence’s cycle. [As the] sentient [and] non-sentient are all impermanent, enable giving rise [to] awakening, [to] renounce [the] impermanent thus.


[The] second [is] for breaking impurity’s cycle. [As the] sentient [and] non-sentient are all impure thus, [for] birth [and] refuge [in] Pure Land, [from] lotus flowers manifesting birth, renounce bodies of fetuses [and] placentas, blood [and] flesh, [for] breaking sentient impurities. [In] that resided Pure Land, [it is] without all filth, breaking [the] material world’s impurities,
for breaking impurity’s cycle thus.


[The] third [is] for breaking suffering’s cycle. [As] all sentient beings [are] by suffering compelled thus, enable ‘return’ [to] Pure Land, [to] eradicate this suffering thus. For breaking these three kinds [of] cycles, thus speaking this sūtra.


Great Master Kuījī
(Commentary [With] Amitābha Sūtra’s General Praises)

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