Have The Best Departure For The Best Arrival

For Pure Land practitioners, death is but a ‘departure gate’ in transit, for glorious entry of Pure Land, to be passed through gladly, with the Three Provisions (三资粮) as our ‘passport’:

[1] not with vague and drifting fears, but with clear and Deep Faith (深信);

[2] not with mixed and conflicting wishes, but with singular and Sincere Aspiration (切愿);

[3] not with half-hearted and confused thoughts, but with wholehearted and focused True Practice (实行) of mindfulness of Āmítuófó.

With the Provisions strong when alive, death can even by bypassed with healing here, or with lasting healing in Pure Land, via Āmítuófó’s swift receiving for direct arrival.

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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