Be Not The Last To Cut The Source 莫作最后断种人


– 慧思大师致智者大师之遗教


You, [who have] just attained this [Dharma] Door, should transmit [its] lamp [to] transform [external] beings, [and] not become [the] last person [who] cuts [others from the] source [of the Dharma’s light].

– Great Master Huìsī’s Last Teaching To Great Master Zhìzhě
(Chronicles [Of] Buddhas [And] Patriarchs): 6th Scroll)

After transmitting the Dharma to Great Master Guàndǐng, Great Master Zhìzhě’s last teaching was delivered by personally setting the example, of seeking rebirth in Āmítuófó’s Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss.

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