Why Not Direct Energy For The Path? 何不把精力转于道上?Abandoning That Good At 弃舍所长

Abandoning That Good At


Ordinary beings’ natural endowments [on] that [they are] good at, will [be] attached [to], not able [to be easily] renounced.


Such [as] those good at poetry [and] literature, good at political matters, good at trading, good at battle arrays, and even those good at calligraphy, painting, zither [and] chess.


All exhaust [their] energy, vitality, intelligence [and] skills, with [these] undertaking matters;


with many having probing [for the] abstruse, [to] exhaust [the] profound, [for] accomplishing fame [for] one’s family, with [it to be] bequeathed [to] later generations without decay.


If able [to] abandon [this, not using [them], turning them [at] once, [to] return this energy, vitality, intelligence [and] skills, [to] support [realisation of] Prajñā [i.e. perfect wisdom], why worry [about the] path’s undertakings [to be] without accomplishment?


Yet, [of the] boundless then and now, [of] thousands [of] hundreds [of] people within, yet [to] see [are] one [or] two [doing so]!

Pure Land Tradition’s 8th Patriarch Great Master Liánchí
Essays Written [By The] Bamboo Window

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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