What Is The Second Blessing? 何为第二福?

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[2] 二者,

[i] 受持三归,
[ii] 具足众戒,
[iii] 不犯威仪。…



[Sūtra]: ‘Those [who] wish [to be] born [in] that [Pure] Land [of Āmítuófó], should cultivate [these] Three Blessings…

[2] Second, [is]

[i] [to] receive [and] uphold [the] Threefold Refuge,
[ii] [be] complete [with] various precepts [i.e. Five/ Eight/ Bodhisattva/ Monastic Precepts],
[iii] not break [rules of] comportment [i.e. harmonious customs not against the precepts]…

These three matters [are] named [as] “pure karma”.’

[Śākyamuni] Buddha told Vaidehī, ‘[Do] you now know not? These three kinds [of] karma are past, future [and] present, all [the] three periods’ Buddhas pure karma’s right causes.’

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【疏】… 言「受持三归」者,此明世善轻微,感报不具。

[Commentary]: … [S]peaking [of] those [who] [i] ‘receive [and] uphold [the] Threefold Refuge’, this [is with] understanding [that] worldly good [is] s[light, with] responding rewards [that are] not complete.


[The] precepts’ virtues [are] majestic [and lofty], able [to have] response [with the] fruit [of] Bodhi [i.e. awakening].


However, sentient beings [should take] refuge [in] faith, from [the] shallow until [the] deep, first receiving [the] Threefold Refuge, later teaching [them the] various precepts.

… 言「具足众戒」者,然戒有多种,或三归戒,或五戒、八戒,十善戒,沙弥十戒,二百五十戒,五百戒,或菩萨三聚戒、十无尽戒等,故名具足众戒也。

… [S]peaking [of] those [ii] ‘complete [with] various precepts’ however, precepts have many kinds, perhaps [the] Threefold Refuges’ Precepts, or Five Precepts, Eight Precepts, Ten Good Precepts, Śrāmaṇeras’ Ten Precepts, 250 [Bhikṣus’] Precepts, 500 [Bhikṣuṇīs’] Precepts, or Bodhisattvas’ Three Cumulative Precepts, Ten Inexhaustible Precepts [and] others, thus named ‘complete [with] various precepts’.

又一一戒品中,亦有少分戒、多分戒、 全分戒也。

Also, [of] each [and] every precept body within, likewise have [those with] less parts [of the] precepts, more parts [of the] precepts, [and] complete parts [of the] precepts.

… 言「不犯威仪」者,此明身口意业,行住坐卧,能与一切戒作方便威仪也。

… [S]peaking [of] those [who do] [iii] ‘not break [rules of] comportment’, this [is with] understanding [that the] karma [of] body, speech [and] mind, [when] moving, standing, sitting [and] lying down, [is] able [to], with all precepts, be [with] skilful comportment.


If [of the] light [and] heavy, coarse [and] refined [rules, are] all able [to be] protected [and] upheld, [if] broken, immediately repented, thus [is this] said [to be], ‘not break [rules of] comportment’. This [is] named [as ‘upholding] precepts’ good [roots]’. [Note: 戒善:持戒之善根]


Pure Land Tradition’s 2nd Patriarch Great Master Shàndǎo
(Commentary [On The] Contemplation Sūtra [In] Four Fascicles: Preface Part’s Meaning)

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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