Should I Play Pure Land Chants & Talks Around The Clock?

Question: Some encourage playing of Pure Land teachings and Amituofo’s name at home around the clock, to invite unseen beings to come practise Nianfo with us. Is this advisable?

Answer: It is not that playing Buddhist recordings will definitely attract unseen beings to come. For example, in our world, some humans dislike or are uninterested in chanting, and stay away when hearing them. Likewise applies to unseen beings. Thus, in this sense, it can average out to be kind of neutral. There might also be unseen beings around without playing any recordings too, due to natural karmic affinity.

Note too, that mere playing of recordings might not offer enough personal guidance and encouragement to practise Nianfo. If you are not certain on whether to play any recordings all day or not, which can remind all at home to learn and practise as much as possible, what you can do is to play chants only as a guide during your Nianfo sessions (if you would like to use a guide), and to play talks only when really listening attentively.

When practising Nianfo, always do so as sincerely as you can, for your own benefit and to create more merits to share with all beings. Good personal practice will inspire others to Nianfo sincerely too. Remember – Nianfo is the safest spiritual practice possible, because it connects our Buddha-nature to Amituofo, who in turn connects us to all other Buddhas’ mindful protection, as stated in the Amitabha Sutra.

Once you Nianfo, you should not give rise to any fear, as qualities such as calmness, clarity, peace and bliss should gradually or even swiftly increase, as dependent on your proficiency of practice. If there is still fear after some time, it means faith is lacking, which might affect you adversely on your deathbed. It would be best to learn more about Nianfo then.

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