Some Buddhist FAQs On Organ & Body Donation

Question: Should we not strongly encourage everyone to make organ and body donations?
What is kinder and wiser to do is to offer fair considerations to let individuals personally decide.

Q: Is it not straightforward that such donations are praiseworthy?
They are praiseworthy if the donors are truly ready and do not regret their donations.

Q: Is it not so that if one has the aspiration to donate, one will be fine?
There are differences between aspirations (愿力) and abilities (能力) – one might be willing but not capable.

Q: How can one not be capable when willing?
The experience of dying for the average person is quite painful and traumatic, never experienced before, what more with cutting of the body.

Q: How would one feel pain if the consciousness has already left the body?
The average person is much more attached to one’s body than expected, and does not leave immediately.

Q: Is dying not already painful by default anyway?
It need not be if one practises Nianfo (mindfulness of the name of Amituofo) well; it can even be blissful.

Q: If I practise Nianfo, would it not solve the problem of pain during donation?
This is provided that you have already practised Nianfo well enough before meeting the knife.

Q: What if I have a high threshold of pain and am willing to suffer?
The pain from being cut deeply has yet to be felt, while it will be magnified by nine times.

Q: But how can one reach Amituofo’s Pure Land without being generous?
The key criteria for birth in Pure Land are Faith, Aspiration and Practice, which do not require bodily donations.

Q: What is the worst that can happen if I donate anyway?
A negative thought as a last thought before rebirth upon feeling pain, anger and such can lead to a negative rebirth.

Q: What if I am willing to take the risk?
A: You should weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Q: What are some other considerations?
A: If you wish to more easily practise greater generosity in the long run, you should ensure that you reach Amituofo’s Pure Land safely.

Q: How does reaching Pure Land make it easier?
You will definitely be able to swiftly train to be a great Bodhisattva capable of giving many lives and limbs with total ease!

Q: Why wait when I can already donate my organs and body in this life?
You will have to decide if it is being short-sighted, to miss the big picture.

Q: How might it be short-sighted?
Do you wish to risk giving one set of donations well with difficulty, or secure your future for giving countless more donations with ease?

Q: What if I still wish to donate when I die?
You should practise Nianfo well then, as sincerely and diligently as you can.

Q: What benchmarks of practice should I strive for?
You should practise for the ability to connect to Amituofo swiftly while forgoing attachment to your body, even when very sick and in pain.

Q: Are there any other points to note?
The detailed points in the 2 articles below should be mindfully considered too…

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