Spectrum of ‘Pure Land’ Experience

This is an extension of the article at :There is a spectrum of experience of ‘Pure Land’ available to us when we are in the process of purifying our minds.The more purified we are in the moment, the more pure the environment becomes via change of perception. The purer our perception is, the easier it becomes to reach the real Pure Land. The ideal practice of Pure Land teachings has a double-pronged approach. It seeks to do one’s best to create and experience a Pure Land on Earth by doing various meritorious deeds to better this world, even as one aspires to be reborn in an actual Pure Land elsewhere. In fact, the merits of helping to make this world a better place facilitate rebirth in the actual Pure Land too. Upon attaining enlightenment in Pure Land, one then returns better spiritually equipped to continue purifying Samsara, to guide beings to Buddhahood.

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