Great Meritorious Virtues Of Mindfulness Of Buddha And Support-Chanting 念佛助念功德大


All future and present sentient beings equally, when approaching life’s ending day, who attain hearing of one Buddha’s name [such as ‘Āmítuófó’], one Bodhisattva’s name, or one Pratyekabuddha’s name, regardless of having transgressions or without transgressions, all will attain liberation.


If there are men and women, when living, who did not cultivate good causes, and created many transgressions, after their lives end, with family members of children and adults, for them creating blessings’ benefits with all noble practices, of seven parts within, they will then thus obtain one, with six parts of meritorious virtues, for living ones’ personal benefits.


For this reason thus, future and present good men and women equally, who hear this when healthy, should personally cultivate, with every part personally obtained.

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