What Beyond The Three Provisions Must Be Practised? 三资粮以外还有必修的吗?

What Beyond The Three Provisions Must Be Practised?

Question: Beyond the right things to do, to guide one to reach Pure Land, are there other prerequisites such as good deeds to do, for reaching Pure Land?

Answer: The key requisites are always the Three Provisions (三资粮): https://purelanders.com/2018/02/08/the-three-provisions, in the sense that if one is able to give rise to them, it means one is good enough in the moment, and has enough good karmas accumulated from the past.

There is a more comprehensive list of how to be good and pure called the Pure Karmas Of Three Blessings (净业三福): https://purelanders.com/2020/06/12/pure-karmas-three-blessings-three-minds-three-beings.

However, it has quite a list of Supportive Practices (助行), while the Three Provisions are still the essentials. The Main Practice (正行) is to be mindful of Buddha with Faith and Aspiration (信愿念佛). We are not expected to be perfect (and pure) to reach Pure Land, for if we are, we would not need to. We aspire to reach Pure Land to become perfect (and pure).

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