[94] Relief, Calm And Conviction From Mindfulness Of Āmítuófó In A Nightmare

[94] Relief, Calm And Conviction From Mindfulness Of Āmítuófó In A Nightmare

I am keenly conscious that with each passing day and moment, I am getting ever closer to my ‘expiry date’ in this life. I am also constantly reminded of our Pureland Practice Fellowship’s teacher’s guidance on the Three Provisions (三资粮) of Faith, Aspiration and Practice (信愿行). Hence, I would often chant ‘Āmítuófó’ (阿弥陀佛) in my mind, such that it has almost become ‘autopilot’, even doing it while jogging, with each step taken.

In a recent sinister nightmare that I had, together with my wife, we were navigating through unfamiliar terrain that emanated negative energies and discomforting vibes.

Very soon, I felt a wave of evil forces creeping up on me, with nowhere to escape from it! Sensing that it was going to inundate me, I instinctively and repeatedly chanted ‘Āmítuófó!’ I even called out to my wife to join me.

As fast as it came inconspicuously, the evil forces came to an abrupt halt and did not advance further. Together, we quickly found our way out of that uncanny place.

I woke up from my dream feeling a sense of relief, calm and conviction. There was a tremendous sense of awe on the power of chanting Āmítuófó! This is yet another experience for strengthening the Three Provisions for my daily cultivation. Námó Āmítuófó!

Námó Āmítuófó : Guānhé
3 February 2023


[1] The Three Provisions’ definitions can be seen at https://purelanders.com/2018/02/08/the-three-provisions.

[2] While it is wonderful to be mindful of the Buddha’s name (念佛) habitually as much as possible, when assimilating this practice into everyday life, it should be done as sincerely as possible, lest it becomes merely mechanical, as if just going through motion. There should be continual learning too, to ensure that one’s understanding is right. The more mindful practice there is in everyday life, the more likely will we instinctively remember to practise it in emergencies, be it when awake or in dreams.

[3] Sincere mindfulness of the Buddha’s name will work in connecting to the Buddha for instant protection, even if in a dream state, through which our karma can still manifest, be it naturally and/or supernaturally. Even though dreams are not real in the physical sense, sincerity can still be real, thus with efficacy. On how to handle recurring nightmares, see https://purelanders.com/2021/03/28/how-should-we-handle-recurring-nightmares.

[4] Here is another case demonstrating the efficacy of mindfulness of Buddha in a nightmare: https://purelanders.com/2018/06/27/amituofos-rescue-from-my-nightmare.

[5] Here is a classic case demonstrating the instant efficacy of mindfulness of Buddha with a single recitation for protecting against ghostly beings: https://purelanders.com/2021/01/04/how-are-those-mindful-of-amituofo-protected-from-evil-ghosts-and-ferocious-beasts.

[6] Here is a contemporary case demonstrating likewise: https://purelanders.com/2021/05/11/remembering-and-forgetting-to-recite-amituofo.

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