Dharma Master Zhā’ān’s Personal Farewell When Approaching Departure《楂庵法师临行自饯》

[3] Third [Of ‘The] Pure Land [Tradition’s] Ten Essentials’: Appendix

Dharma Master Zhā’ān’s Personal Farewell [When] Approaching Departure


I [have] heard [that in the] Western direction is [an] Unsurpassable Right [And] All-Knowing [One, with the] lifespan [of] immeasurable asaṃkhyeya [kalpas].


[With] bright light everywhere illuminating sands’ worlds without boundaries, [with] loving-kindness [and] compassion universally covering all sentient beings without [an] ending date.


Those [who] hear [his] name [(Āmítuófó: 阿弥陀佛), and are] mindful [of it, will] all [attain] non-retrogression [for Buddhahood, and] those [who] take refuge [for] life [in him, and] give rise [to the] Aspiration [to reach his Pure Land, will from] all suffering, all [be] liberated [and] departed.


[With] yellow-gold as ground or lapis lazulli, [in] day [and] night, [their] six periods [are with] heavenly flowers flying.


[With] towering pavilions, banners ten million, everywhere [in its] empty space, [with] treasure groves, gems’ nets, music [and] gentle breezes blowing.


[With] majesty, beauty [and] wonders inconceivable, [the] land [is] without [a] sun [and] moon, constantly [with] light glorious.


Therefore, those [with] continual mindfulness [will have their] consciousnesses [to the] West swiftly go, [like to the] homeland of [our] father [and] mother, constantly contemplate ‘returning’ [to it].


[As Buddha]-nature [佛性] [is] without suffering’s region, now following [Buddha-]nature, then renouncing this [land. As Buddha-]nature has [Ultimate] Bliss’ Country, now following [Buddha-]nature, then obtaining that [land].


Faraway going. Passing [a] hundred thousand koṭis [of] Buddha lands, [this] is not [from a] distant journey different.


Internally relying [on] Aspiration’s power, [and] externally relying [on the] Buddha’s majestic [power], within one kṣaṇa, then arriving [at a] seven treasures’ lotus pond.

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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