[10] Emotions And Thoughts Being Much Or Little Determining Reward Or Retribution Being High Or Low 情想多少论报高下

[10] Emotions [And] Thoughts [Being] Much [Or] Little Determining Reward [Or Retribution Being] High [Or] Low


[The] Śūraṅgama Sūtra says, ‘[The] Buddha told Ānanda, “All [in the] world, [are in the cycle of] births [and] deaths [in] continuous succession. [When] alive, [they] follow [and] accord [with their] habits, [and when] dead, follow [their] changing flow.


When approaching [the] end [of life], yet [to] give up warmth [of] touch, one lifetime’s good [and] evil together [at the same] time suddenly appear.


[1] [For those] purely [with] thoughts, [there is] immediate flight, [for] definite birth [in a] heaven above.


[2] If [in] flight’s mind within, simultaneously [with] blessings [and] wisdom, and with pure Aspiration, naturally [will their] minds awaken, [to] see [the] ten directions’ Buddhas. [Of] all Pure Lands, according [to their] aspirations [will they be] reborn.


[3] [For those with] emotions little [and] thoughts much, [they will be] lightly raised [but] not [for] far, immediately as flying ascetics.


[4] [For those with] emotions [and] thoughts equal, [they will] not fly [and] not fall, [and be] born in [the] human world. [4.1] [With] thoughts bright thus intelligent, [4.2] [with] emotions dark thus dull.


[5] [For those with] emotions much [and] thoughts little, [they will] flow into [the] animal [realm to be] born. [5.1] [Those] heavier [are] as fur-bearing flocks, [5.2] [and those] lighter [are] as feathered clans.


[6] [For those with] seven [parts of] emotions [and] three [parts of] thoughts, [they will] sink below [the] water disc, [to be] born at [the] fire [disc’s] border, [to] receive [the] air [of] fierce fires, [with] bodies as hungry ghosts, [who are] constantly by [fires] burnt, [and with] water able [to] harm [them]selves, without food [and] without drinks, passing [a] hundred thousand kalpas.


[7] [For those with] nine [parts of] emotions [and] one [part of] thoughts, [they will be] below [the] hole [of the] fire disc, [with] bodies entering [where] wind [and] fire [is, at the] duo’s intersecting ground. [7.1] [Those] lighter [are] born [in] Interrupted [Hells, [7.2] and those] heavier [are] born [in] Uninterrupted [Hells, with these] two kinds [of] hells.


[For those] purely [with] emotions, [there is] immediate sinking, [to] enter Avīci Hell.


If [in the] sunken mind within, having slander [of the] Great Vehicle, destroying [the] Buddha’s prohibitive precepts, [with] deceit arrogantly speaking [the] Dharma, [with] falsehood greedy [for that the] faithful give, excessively bearing reverence, [with the] Five Heinous [Transgressions and] Ten Heavy [Precepts broken, they will] again [be] born [in the] ten directions’ Avīci Hells.”‘

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Lúshān’s Lotus Tradition’s Treasure Mirror: Eighth Scroll [On] Right Tips [On] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha [For] Rebirth
[By] Great Master Yōután Pǔdù Compiled

Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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