Can Those Habitually Greedy, Angry & Deluded Reach Pure Land? 习惯贪嗔痴者能生净土吗?

Question: Can one easily greedy, angry and deluded reach Pure Land with daily practice of mindfulness of Buddha?

Answer: One with the last thought before rebirth being filled with much habitual greed, hatred (anger) and delusion (贪嗔痴) cannot reach Pure Land, as this is not mindfulness of Buddha at all, but being unmindfully carried away by the Three Poisons (三毒).

However, with enough sincere and diligent practice, with the daily duration depending on severity of the poisons, one greedy, hateful and deluded will be less and less so. Thus, negative habits will be transformed to be pure ones. If this is done in time, one’s last thought before rebirth will surely not be with the Three Poisons. With the Three Provisions (三资粮) of Faith, Aspiration and Practice (信愿行) instead, one will surely reach Pure Land.

Such practice works as mindfulness of Buddha transforms greed to be purity (of contentment) upon connection to the Buddha’s light of purity’s (清净光) blessings. It transforms hatred to be joy upon connection to the Buddha’s light of joy’s (欢喜光) blessings. It transforms delusion to be wisdom upon connection to the Buddha’s light of wisdom’s (智慧光) blessings. The Buddha’s light thus offers antidotes for all the poisons.

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