Aspiration Verses For Birth In Pure Land 愿生净土文



Aspiration Verses For Birth In Pure Land

I wholeheartedly take refuge for life, 
in the Land Of Ultimate Bliss’ 
Āmítuófó [Amitā(bha) Buddha]. 

May the Buddha with his light, 
eradicate my many transgressions, 
and grow my good roots. 

I with utmost sincerity,
am mindful of the Buddha’s name to seek birth, 
in his Land Of Ultimate Bliss. 

May I when approaching the end of life,
have my body without suffering from sickness, 
and mind without attachment. 

When the Buddha comes to receive and guide,
my body and mind will have peace and bliss, 
with one thought immediately born. 

Born in his Land Of Ultimate Bliss, 
I will hear the Dharma and awaken,
to widely deliver sentient beings.   

Note: As requested, for the elderly to more simply express clear aspiration to reach Pure Land, the above are summarised Aspiration Verses, that express the following: 

[1] taking of refuge, 
[2] wish for purification, 
[3] sincerity in mindfulness of Buddha, 
[4] aspiration for birth in Pure Land, 
[5] wish for smooth departure without obstacles, 
[6] wish for the Buddha’s swift reception, and 
[7] Bodhicitta. 

If the person is not yet ready to give rise to Bodhicitta (菩提心), the last line can be omitted. For setting of right motivation, these verses can be recited before Niànfó (念佛) begins. For those already with the right motivation, this is optional.

More complex Aspiration Verses (发愿文) include ‘Repentance Master Cíyún’s Pure Land Verses’《慈云忏主净土文》and ‘Verses For Giving Rise To Aspiration For Birth In The Western Pure Land’《西方发愿文》. The above is summarised from the first for easier understanding, remembering and reciting. If practical, one or both of these two classic verses should be used instead.

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