How To Eliminate Obstacles Completely? 如何圆满去障?Eliminating Obstacles 去障

Eliminating Obstacles


Cultivating practice [to] eliminate obstacles [or hindrances], also has five levels [or stages].


For example, of a person’s body, [with] five layers wrapping [and] binding, [the] outermost [is metal] armour plating, next with hide [and] fur, next with cloth robes, next with silk clothing. Further next, fitting snugly [to the] skin, [is] with light silk.


One after another taken off, [until the] light silk [is] completely off, then is [the] original body [seen, with] only nudity [of] one’s body.


Practitioners [should first] externally eliminate coarse obstacles, [having] eliminated of [them], again [further] eliminating, until fundamental ignorance’s extremely fine obstacles [are] all eliminated completely. Then is intrinsic nature’s pure Dharma body [i.e. Dharmakāya] [realised].

[Note: The sincere and diligent practice of mindfulness of Buddha is the swiftest way to eradicate obstacles, both here and in Pure Land.]

Pure Land Tradition’s 8th Patriarch Great Master Liánchí
Essays Written [By The] Bamboo Window

Namo Amituofo : Translation & note by Shen Shi’an

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