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Important Online Information

Wake: Chanting Procedure
丧礼: 念诵程序

Broadcast: Āmítuófó / Amitābha Sūtra / Rebirth Mantra
播放: 《阿弥陀佛》/《阿弥陀经》/《往生咒》

Text: Amitābha Sūtra / Rebirth Mantra

Guidance Text: Dying / Deceased / Visitors / Karmic Creditors
开示文:临终者 / 往生者 / 访客 / 冤亲债主

Layout: When Dying / At Wake
摆设: 临终 / 丧礼

Essentials Before / During / After Dying 
往生前 / 时 / 后须知

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