Is It Alright To Pine For Special Signs During Niànfó?

Question: Is It alright to pine for special signs during Niànfó (practice of mindfulness of the name of Amitābha Buddha – ‘Āmítuófó’) or any other practice?

Answer: Despite Niànfó ultimately being for connecting firmly to Āmítuófó, which is thus with clear and unmistakable signs, as according to the sūtras, yet, we should never pine for auspicious signs, while only practising Niànfó as sincerely as we can each time, in every single chant.

If one keeps pining for signs, such greed can distort proper perception to be misperception, to mistake deluded experiences to be genuine. This can make arrogance grow, which leads to spiritual complacency and further delusion, thus straying further from actual connection to Āmítuófó.

It is with utmost sincere chanting of Āmítuófó’s name, with as little greed, (hatred and delusion) as possible, that he is easier truly connected to. Sincere Niànfó Practice is powered by right Faith and Aspiration, with Āmítuófó’s name chanted clearly and heard clearly by oneself each time.

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