Verses For The Severely Sick 重病偈 Aspirations When Severely Sick 重病时所求

The above, as featured in 狮城潮音 (DharmaWave) issue #55, magazine of 新加坡佛教居士林 (Singapore Buddhist Lodge), is summarised from the below.





Verses For The Severely Sick

When severely sick seeking the Western Pure Land,
this is the wise aspiration.
If life is ending, there will be swift birth;
if yet to be ending, there will be swift healing.

When severely sick seeking healing,
yet life might be ending.
If life is ending, there will be no healing.
If life is ending, there will be no birth in Pure Land.

(Verses For Lasting Healing)

Attaining healing once,
there is still ageing, sickness and death later,
in the end still needing seeking of birth,
in the Pure Land Of Ultimate Bliss.

As attaining birth in Ultimate Bliss,
attains immeasurable life,
and attains indestructible body,
this is truly lasting healing.

Aspirations When Severely Sick 

求生极乐 = 寿尽速生 / 未尽速愈(双赢)
Seek Birth In Pure Land =
With Life Ending Is Swift Birth /
With Life Not Ending Is Swift Healing

求得痊愈 = 寿尽不生 + 寿尽不愈(双输)
Seek To Be Healed =
With Life Ending Is No Birth +
With Life Ending Is No Healing

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