What Are The Causes & Effects Of Samādhi From Mindfulness Of Buddha? 以何因缘修得念佛三昧?

[Causes Of Samādhi From Mindfulness Of Buddha]:

若论其法, 必须当念佛时, 即念返观。

If regarding its method, [there] must [be] then, when mindful [of the name of Amitā(bha)] Buddha [i.e. Āmítuófó], that is mindfulness [that] returns [to] contemplation [of one’s nature].

专注一境, 毋使外驰。

[With] focused concentration [upon the] one realm [of his name], not enabling [the mind to, towards the] external gallop.

念念照顾心源, 心心契合佛体。

[With] thought [to] thought attending to [the] mind’s origin [i.e. mind-nature (心性) or true suchness (真如), with the] mind [and] mental conditions aligning with [the] Buddha’s essential [nature].

返念自念, 返观自观。

Returning mindfulness [to] self mindfulness, returning contemplation [to] self contemplation.

即念即观, 即观即念。

That mindful [of is] that contemplated, [and the] contemplated [is] that mindful [of].

务使全念即观, 念外无观。

[There] must [be] enabling [of] all mindful [of as] that contemplated, [with that] external [of] mindfulness not contemplated.

全观即念, 观外无念。

[With] all [the] contemplated [as] that mindful [of, with that] external [of the] contemplated not mindful [of].

观念虽同水乳, 尚未鞫(jū)到根源。

[The] contemplated [and that] mindful [of], although [mixed as one] like water [and] milk, [there is] still yet [to be] investigation [to] reach [their] root origin.

须向者一念南无阿弥陀佛上, 重重体究, 切切提撕。越究越切, 愈提愈亲。

[There] must [be], towards this singular mindfulness of ‘Námó Āmítuófó’, [with] one [thought] after another, [to] experience [and] investigate [it], earnestly [and] sincerely, raising [and] supporting [it]. The more [it is] investigated, the more [is there] sincerity, the more [it is] raised, the more [is it] close and dear.

及至力极功纯, 豁然和念脱落, 证入无念无不念境界。

Up until [the] power [of practice is] utmost [and] skill [is] pure, suddenly with mindfulness falling off, [is] entering realisation [of the] state [of] without mindfulness [and] without no mindfulness.

所谓灵光独耀, 回脱根尘。

[This is] so-called [the] spiritual light alone shining, [that] returns [to] liberation, [away from the six] roots [and six] dusts.

体露真常, 不拘文字。

[With the] essential [nature or Buddha-nature] revealing [the] true [and] eternal, [that can]not [be] captured [by] words.

心性无染, 本自圆成。

[With] mind-nature without defilements, [is seeing that] originally, oneself [is] completely accomplished.

但离妄念, 即如如佛者。

Only [having] departed [from] false [or stray] thoughts, [are] those then [connected with the] Dharmakāya Buddha.

此之谓也, 工夫至此, 念佛法得。

Of this [as] said, [when] skill reaches this, [it is] mindfulness [of] Buddha’s Dharma attained.

感应道交, 正好着力。

[With] connection [and] response [for] mutual interaction, [this is] just right [to] come in contact with [the Buddha’s Other-]power.

[Effects Of Samādhi From Mindfulness Of Buddha]:

其相如云散长空, 青天彻露。

Its form [is] like clouds [having] dispersed [from the] vast sky, [with the] clear sky thoroughly revealed.

亲见本来, 本无所见。

Personally seeing [one’s] original [nature, yet with] fundamentally nothing as seen.

无见是真见, 有见即随尘。

[With] no seeing is true seeing, with seeing that is according [to the] dusts.

到此则山色溪声, 咸是第一义谛。

Reaching this then, [the] mountains’ scenery [and] creeks’ sounds, all are [of the] supreme truth.

鸦鸣鹊噪, 无非最上真乘。

[With] crows cawing [and] magpies chirping, [these are] nothing else, [but the] most supreme true vehicle.

活泼泼应诸法, 而不住一法。

Active [in] responding [to] all dharmas, yet not abiding [upon] one dharma.

光皎皎照诸境, 而了无一物。

[With] light clear [and] bright illuminating [upon] all realms, yet without one object at all.

语其用, 如旭日之东升, 圆明朗照。

Speaking [of] its function, [it is] like [the] radiant sun’s eastern rising, completely bright [and] shining.

语其体, 犹皓月之西落, 清净寂灭。

Speaking [of] its essence, [it is] like [the] bright moon’s western setting, pure [and] peaceful.

即照即寂, 即寂即照, 双存双泯, 绝待圆融。

That illuminating [is] that peaceful, [and] that peaceful [is] that illuminating, both existing [and] vanishing, absolute [and] interpenetrating.

譬若雪覆千山, 海吞万派, 唯是一色, 了无异味。

For example, like snow [that] covers [a] thousand mountains, [and the] ocean [that] swallows ten thousand tributaries, [the snow is] only with one colour [of white, and the sea is] without [any] other taste at all, [than of salt].

无挂无碍, 自在自如。

Without attachment [and] without obstacles, at ease [and] unconstrained.

论其利益, 现在则未离娑婆, 常预海会。

Regarding its benefits, now however, yet [to] depart [from the] Sahā [World, [but able to] often participate [with Pure Land’s] ocean[-wide] assembly.

临终则一登上品, 顿证佛乘。

[When] approaching [the] end [of life], thus [at] once ascending [to a] high grade [of birth in Pure Land, to] suddenly realise [the] Buddha vehicle.

唯有家里人, 方知家里事。语于门外汉, 遭谤定无疑。

Only with those in [the] house, [with the same experience], then [will they] know [of these] matters in [the] house. Speaking [of this] to those outside [the] door [i.e. beginners], will without doubt encounter slander [due to their lack of understanding].

Pure Land Tradition’s 13th Patriarch Great Master Yìnguāng
(Record [Of] Touching [The] Elephant [On] Samādhi [From] Mindfulness [Of] Buddha)

Original manuscript [by] Dharma Master Liǎoyú, with slight improvements. With Buddhist studies’ collection [of] reports [for] checking several wrong lines, thus recorded [as] original text.

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Namo Amituofo : Translation by Shen Shi’an

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