What Is The Best Form Of Insurance?

Question: Now that there is ‘Medi-Whatever’ (a compulsory national medical fund funded by monthly personal contributions), is it alright to give up ‘other’ insurance policies?

Answer: There are limits to ‘Medi-Whatever’ due to limited personal fund in your account, and there being many rules for use. In this sense, the coverage might not be adequate. The truth is, even money from insurance might not be enough if you get very sick for a very long time. However, you might not get so sick that you need lots of money, such as that by insurance, if you take care of your health by going vegan and practising Nianfo sincerely. (Nianfo is the practice of mindfulness of the name of Amitabha Buddha – ‘Amituofo’.)

Question: Are our lifespans not fixed?

Answer: No, especially if your karma keeps changing with your efforts. For example, the compassionate, including vegans, and those who practise much Nianfo sincerely throughout life more easily and more often live longer. This is so as there is continual creation of positive (and even pure) karma (meritorious virtues), which dilutes negative karma that causes terrible sicknesses, accidents and shorter lives.

Question: I must eat more meat then.

Answer: This is a foolish idea. Why be cruel to yourself and animals? Eating more meat purposely, which is to demand more killing will lead to creation of more negative karma leading to more possibilities of having an unhealthier, more painful and shorter life, that might require more money due to medical complications.

Negative karma leads to a negative rebirth too. Also, a shorter life does not mean there will be faster ‘release’ to a better future life. A better future life arises from your acts of compassion with wisdom now, which can be attained with sincere Nianfo, veganism and such. These practices are among the best forms of spiritual and physical insurance for this and the future life (by reaching Amituofo’s Pure Land).

Please be mindful of your speech, Amituofo!

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